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Join us for a fun, casual event, where guests can ask questions, meet members and get a feel for the branch and its strategic goals for the year.  This event will be held at various locations within the District and will be open to members and anyone who is interested in advancing the mission of AAUW through the DC branch.  There will be food, networking, and fun!

Leadership  Integrity  Responsibility

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TEDxUStreetSalon is a local, independently organized event held in Washington DC. The Future of Men of Color series is an event that recreates the unique experience found at TED in an intimate setting where leading thinkers and doers share their passion, experience, and knowledge. At its core, the fundamental goal of TED and TEDxUStreetSalon is to foster and spread great ideas. We provide a platform where the smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries, and
most fascinating teachers will be inspired and can inspire others.


 The TedxUStreetSalon events provides the chance to extend the brand value and conversation via several more impactful, intimate, and shorter events that work independently but coordinated with topics explored in the TEDxUStreetWomen conference. 


A critical element of salon is lively discussions, allowing attendees to actively participate in the event. The salons bring attendees together in a space that allows for more discussion, interaction, and a chance for both participants and speakers to exchange ideas and knowledge with each other.




Speakers. Networking. Connections

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What do we mean when we say, Bold + Brilliant = Badass?  To be Bold, means you are willing to speak out for the issues that mean the most to you.  To be Brilliant, means you have the experience, knowledge, and passion needed to advocate for your idea. When you combine Bold + Brilliant, the results a Badass. Being a Badass means that, despite your fear, any potential backlash/criticism, or how unpopular your idea maybe to some, you will still push forward to share your truth.


TEDxUStreetWomen is an exciting opportunity to help move the conversation about the power of girls and women in a meaningful way. TEDxUStreetWomen is community-driven and open to everyone interested in speaking or attending, inclusive of all identities across the gender spectrum.  During this event you will experience talks from the TEDWomen worldwide activation, hear local voices from our community, as well as provide spaces for attendees to network and continue the knowledge exchange beyond the main stage area. Find out more about TEDxUStreetWomen events by clicking the link below.


Are you ready to be a part of a network and connect with individuals who are

Bold, Brilliant and Badass?