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Coaching Solutions

My coaching services develop and deliver turn-key solutions and advising support for small to mid-size organizations looking to grow their business.  Your investment includes the development and implementation of a tailored strategic program, which includes, coaching, interviews, trainings, workshops, assessments and sample materials/templates.


All profits from these solutions go towards the alleviation of the conditions that causes poverty through the development and implementation of sustainable programs, and campaigns that educate, empower, and equip women to become self-sufficient.  Click Here to Learn More

Contact me for individualized pricing plan at

Complete Turn-key Solutions

Do your systems line up with your growing financial goals? Are you positioned properly for growth? I am here to solve your everyday problems - cash flow, legal compliance, cash management, budgeting, risk management, development of financial and operational strategies, and human capital investment. From strategic planning to execution - I take my tagline very seriously - I am Your Trusted Advisor. I am committed to creating the perfect solution for your business. I look forward to partnering with you to help your business grow.


Coaching will focus on leadership development and key initiatives. Turn-key solutions will focus on the development and implementation of strategic and financial plans. Investment for the turn-key solutions & advising support services includes: Risk Management, Financial Management, Business Advisory, & an optional Implementation Plan

Timeframe - 3-6 months with regular meetings.


Business Advisory Executive Coaching 

Business Advisory Coaching - Coaching is significantly more successful than generic training. Fortune 1000 companies universally utilize one-on-one coaching as part of leadership development for executives and other high-potential employees, based on bottom-line improvement. I help you position your business in order to strategize and answer these questions: Are your pricing on target? How scalable is your business model? How will new investments affect future cash flow? Am I creating future value? 

Timeframe - Monthly Retainer (cancel anytime)


Capacity Building/Training

In this challenging economy, I know that you are overwhelmed with the ongoing changes in the climate.  Whether it's a new administration or succession planning, I am here to assist you and/or your team as your boost your performance and drive profits.  I take time to understand your market and the services or products you provide. Our training solutions are aligned to your unique core values.  My goal is to position you and your team for growth. ​ ​I specialize in the following trainings: 

                           Leadership Training
                          Public Speaking Skills for a Global Audience
                          Brand Marketing
                        Wealth Building
                       Business  101 Training

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Timeframe - 3 hour group training (in-person only)

We provide solutions you can trust. 

Turn-key Solutions/Coaching Services Differentiators: 
•  Written strategies for each service; 
•  Developmen
t of the yearly budget; 
•  Development of financial reporting (cash flow projections, forecasts) templates; 
•  One-on-one strategic planning sessions; and
•  Group sessions/workshops with staff 

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